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Financing African and International Students For Study In USA: A Complete Guide.

As the global world is constantly on the bridge distance with technology, students are significantly alert to the necessity to gain a global education. Many employers are actually looking for students with a global background — an edge student’s gain when they study abroad; therefore, the requirement for a loan is getting increased.

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order to get financial help through getting loan for studying in US Law and Business Online Schools, You should carefully examine the extent of the cash you need to study in America. You need to search and apply for Law scholarships after that, school colleges universities funds, and the arrangement of money from another source, including family funds. After exhausting these strategies, most international students still have the finance area, and this is where education based loans come for international students. 
Here we tried to sum up this complicated process in simple way.

What is called the International loan??

Preferably federal student loans are provided to American students who are learning in America, but they are not open to international students. Instead, it meets the criteria for education loans for international students, professional loan options are open to international students only who are studying in America.
Loans for international education students are now very reasonable to finance their education in the United States. Incredibly flexible loans, amounts high enough loan to cover their full education will be provided, but with extended amortization periods and reasonable levels of interest, so they are able to return once they graduate.

A Person Living in US must be your Loan Facilitator (Guarantor): 

All international students in an attempt to get the need for a US loan co-signer to use it. Binding and co-signer legally to repay the loan if the customer does not pay. You should consider participating in the site is a US citizen eternal with good credit who have lived in the US for several years. The co-signer is usually a good friend or family member that can assist in obtaining credit, because most international students may not receive credit independently.

Who can apply for US Student Loan? 
Students who are not US persons or permanent residents who are not citizens, involving the United States eligible school or college or university education can apply for loans for international students.
How This Loan can be used? 
Education loans for international students can be used to cover expenses related to education, such as education, literature and fees, insurance, room and board.
Maximum loan amount you can get?
You can submit an application for a total cost of comprehensive education to less other assistance; also it depends on your school. To be able to determine the maximum amount of your loan, you will have to get a hold of school funds in your school office. Once the application and obtain credit support for you and your colleagues, as well as in place, your university must ratify the loan amount.
When used within the standard education plan responsible financing, can loans for education of foreign students help put all of us education at your fingertips, from your independent financial situation. You can count on two major loans that focus on the provision of funds for the resources of international students.

Best USA AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENT: Free Loan For Online and Law School, Apply to Study in USA And Foreign Universities

Singer, Korede Bello, has advised people to stop asking God for money because he is not central bank.
The Mavin act said instead of asking God for money, people should maximise the talent, skill or gift that has been given them and try to make money from it.

According to him, people should stop asking others for money but instead ask them what can be done for them in exchange for money.
In his words, “Maybe we should stop asking God for money. God doesn’t give money, God gives you abilities, he gives you talents, he gives you values that you can exchange for money”. Watch video below.
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A post shared by ✨KÓREDÉ BELLÕ ✨ (@koredebello) on Mar 25, 2019 at 4:27am PDT

“Stop asking God for money; Is he central bank?”– Korede Bello

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Majority leader, Femi Gbajabiamila 

The majority leader of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila and has vowed to sue those behind allegations of his conviction in the United States for defamation of character against him.

The Director-general of the Gbajabiamila Campaign Organisation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, said the claims were in attempts to diminish the character of Gbajabiamila, the leading speakership candidate for the 9th National Assembly.
"New Telegraph reports that Jibrin also disclosed that the lawmaker has instructed his lawyers to take every necessary legal step to seek redress and sue for defamation with immediate effect."
He said: “We remain focused and undeterred and prepared for whatever antics they may further unfold. Whatever they choose to do and however, Femi Gbajabiamila and Ahmed Idris Wase will be on the floor on the 11th live and direct to be elected speaker and deputy speaker respectively to take over from Speaker Yakubu Dogara who ceases to be speaker from Thursday 6th June 2019 after our valedictory session.”
Jibrin denied that Gbajabiamila was ever convicted in the US. He said the lawmaker has never been convicted for any crime in the United States of America, Nigeria or any other country around the world.
He added that the lawmaker has never been accused of corruption and has no corruption case to answer to in Nigeria or anywhere around the world.
“He has not committed perjury in Nigeria or any country of the world. He was eligible to contest in all previous elections he won and indeed eligible and qualified to contest for the office of speaker House of Representatives in the 9th Assembly.

Update: Femi Gbajabiamila Denies Being Convicted Of Any Crime before,

Today, instant messenger  WhatsApp and Facebook experienced a major outage across the UK with similar reports coming from The Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

According to  the problems started at around 10:30am BST, and affected users across the UK and parts of Europe.
The reason for the crash remains unclear, although 64% of those who reported an issue said it was with connection, while 33% said they weren’t receiving messages.
According to Facebook’s Developers site, there was a ‘Major Outage’ for developers across the UK.

#whatsappdown: Whatsapp And Facebook Crash down In Four Countries

Journalist and media executive  has announced he’s leaving his job at Pulse Africa, to take up a new challenge.

Alonge, who worked as chief correspondent at Nigerian Entertainment Today, before joining Pulse Nigeria as editor, says he’s now moving to , an  company, as Director of Growth.
Osagie who is also the Editor-In-Chief of Business Insider by Pulse, SSA says he’s excited about this new opportunity to provide value to the company and Nigerians. ORide is a new motorbike hailing service and a subsidiary of , Opera’s smart financial services company.
He is joining a robust team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about solving problems and enhancing the daily lives of Nigerians. In his new role, he will be responsible for rolling out marketing operations for ORide.
Reacting to his appointment, Osagie said: “I feel deeply honoured to take on this new role at ORide. It is a fantastic opportunity to contribute at a strategic level to the realisation of the company’s objectives. I eagerly look forward to working with the team to build ORide’s marketing operations thereby positioning the brand as an industry leader.”
Before joining Pulse in 2014, Osagie was the Chief Correspondent at NET Newspapers, the world’s leading source for Nigerian entertainment and before that an A&R Executive and Road Manager at X3M Music.
An accredited Google Business Mentor, Osagie is certified by the Guardian UK and Portsmouth Highbury College.
“I’ve always chosen opportunities, especially with my career, that will help propel myself to positions that will further my ambition while supporting the development of youth culture and empowering people and businesses. I look forward to the challenges that come with the new position and the opportunities it avails me to learn and work towards attaining the company’s goals, whilst making life easier for Nigerians.”

Editor-In-Chief Osagie Alonge quits Pulse Africa After Five Years, Joins Opera

Gianni Infantino was re-electedWednesday by acclamation for a second term as FIFA president at the Congress of world football’s governing body in Paris.

The 49-year-old, who took charge of FIFA in February 2016 after the departure of the disgraced Sepp Blatter, stood unopposed for a new four-year term which will run until 2023.
Earlier, Infantino had insisted that FIFA had been transformed into an organisation “synonymous with credibility” as he addressed representatives of the 211 member federations, before the Women’s World Cup begins in the French capital on Friday.
“Today nobody talks about crises, nobody talks about rebuilding FIFA from scratch, nobody talks about scandals, nobody talks about corruption, we talk about football,” insisted the Swiss-Italian lawyer, formerly secretary general of UEFA.
“The very least we can say is that we have turned the situation around.
“In three years and four months, this organisation went from being toxic, almost criminal, to being what it should be, an organisation that develops football, an organisation that cares about football.”

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino Gets Re-Elected For a Second Tenure

Regina Daniels Marriage

Regina Daniels has told her critics that she had been an adult from her childhood.

This is the first time the actress is granting an interview after her traditional wedding with rich politician, Ned Nwoko.
Daniels in a YouTube video captioned “13 things you don’t know about me”, said she went through a lot as a child.
She said people should rather see her as an adult after recently getting married to a 59-year-old billionaire, Nwoko, in Delta.
The actress, who still claims to be 18-year-old, has been criticised for marrying her older partner because of his money.
Daniels said, “I have been an adult since birth.”
The video interview was shared on her Youtube channel, Regina Daniels TV where she also talked about her lifestyle and her journey so far in the Nollywood movie industry.
See video;

Regina Daniels Breaks Silence After her getting Married To Ned Nwoko

Nollywood Star, Regina Daniels, was the center of concentration at AY Live Comedy show, in Abuja on Sunday.

The comedy show held at  the Transcorp Hilton in Maitama. AY, 47, shared pictures of the young movie having a good time at the concert on an Instagram post on Monday.
The comedy show which held at Transcorp Hilton in Maitama Abuja, featured different comedians walking down to Regina Daniels as they made jokes with her name.
AY took to his Instagram page to share pictures of the young actress having a good time at the concert and captioned; “That was how Ay Live became @regina.daniels Live from the place of comedy to a place of undiluted love from all the comedians.”.
In response to it, Regina Daniels wrote; “My own is i had mad fun…..didn't want to leave again 😂😂😂
Photos below;

Check Out How @regina.daniels Was Brought On Spot At Ay's Show In Abuja {

Forbes has named American music Business Mogul, Jay–Z Shawn Carter, as the richest musician in the world.

The rapper is now the first rapper to become a billionaire.
“It’s clear that Jay-Z has accumulated a fortune that conservatively totals $1 billion, making him one of only a handful of entertainers to become a billionaire—and the first hip-hop artist to do so,” Forbes said.
Forbes’ breakdown indicated that the rapper’s chief source of wealth is his $300-a-bottle Armand de Brignac champagne brand (at $310 million), but also boasts of investments at well over $200 million (including a large stake in Uber).
Forbes said the reason Jay-Z’s wealth went all up on the table is his new business interest in alcohol.
His streaming service, Tidal allegedly supplies about $100 million of his net worth, just behind his cognac D’Ussé.
Jay-Z recently gave a special performance to celebrate the re-opening of the celebrated NYC venue Webster Hall.
He and his wife Beyoncé were the recipients of the Vanguard Prize at the GLAAD Awards in March.

Jay-Z Beats Dr Dre To Become Richest Rapper In The World

US President Donald Trump kicked off a state visit to Britain Monday by branding London’s mayor a “loser” before heading for lunch with Queen Elizabeth II, following delicate comments about Brexit.
Trump’s plane had not even touched down when he tweeted that Sadiq Khan, who has been highly critical of the red-carpet welcome laid on for Trump, had done a “terrible job” running London.
The president called the mayor a “stone cold loser”, adding: “Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, (Bill) de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job – only half his height.
“In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom,” he added.
Queen Elizabeth II was scheduled to welcome Trump and his wife Melania to Buckingham Palace later Monday, where they will be treated to a guard of honour, a private lunch and a glittering banquet.
But beneath the pomp and ceremony, Britain is in turmoil with Prime Minister Theresa May due to step down within weeks over her handling of her country’s exit from the European Union.
Trump weighed in on the divisive issue of Brexit, declaring before he arrived that Britain’s former foreign minister Boris Johnson would make an “excellent” choice to succeed May.
In a round of British newspaper interviews, he also recommended her successor walk away from talks with Brussels, refuse to pay Britain’s agreed divorce bill and leave the EU with no deal.
The UK-US “special relationship” was already under strain over different approaches to Iran, the use of Chinese technology in 5G networks, climate change, and Trump’s personal politics.
Labour’s Khan has led opposition to the three-day visit, writing a newspaper article on Sunday in which he compared the US leader to European dictators from the 1930s and 1940s.
“Donald Trump is just one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat,” Khan wrote.
His spokesman called Trump’s tweets “childish” and “beneath the president of the United States”.

#TrumpUKVisit: Trump insults London mayor on UK state visit

US President Donald Trump has shown off a new hairdo ahead of his visit to the United Kingdom.
Attending a service at a Virginia church on Sunday ahead of a golf outing, Trump appeared to have traded his distinctive swirled blonde mop for a slicked-back hairstyle.
He did not make any remarks during the worship service, which took place in the wake of a fatal shooting, but mouthed “thank you” as he walked back off stage.
Twitter, however, has been abuzz with talk about his new look, with commenters poking fun at the US leader.
One user described Trump as a “greasy version of Steve Bannon”, while another compared him to Steve Carell’s fictional character from The Office.

Trump wears new look As He pays Visit to UK